Welcome to the SHAG crowdsale. Do not participate in this crowdsale if it is illegal for you to do so. If you do, your funds may be forfeit.

The easist way to participate is with the chrome or brave plugin metamask. You can download metamask here Alternatively you can use any other WEB3 compatible browser (mist) or mobile App such as Trust and Cipher.

Once Metamask or your browser is installed, simply enter your contribution in ether into the form below. Confirm the transaction in your browser and await the result.

Once the transaction has completed you can use the get balance button to confirm your balance of SHAG tokens. If you encounter any issues please visit us on telegram.
TokenSHAG Coin
Min Purchase1 Ether
Exchange Rate 1 ether = 6,000 SHAG
Tokens being sold 60,000,000 SHAG
Total Supply100,000,000 SHAG

The crowdsale will end on the 30th of August unless sold out sooner. Tokens will be distributed within 48 hours of the sale finishing. All tokens will be distributed to the wallet address that purchased them.

Amount (Ether):

Advanced Options

Advanced users may take part in the crowd sale directly from their wallet. Assuming it supports manually inputting the following data.

Warning! Do not send Ether directly from an exchange account. Your Ether will be lost and you will not receive your tokens.

Do not send any ERC20 tokens to the contract address. They will be lost.

Contract Address0xf565C3a0CAEAdb0B282A78bFb6Cad39022c6f16D
Value in EtherHow much Ether would you like to spend?
Gas Limit350000
Gas Price3 Gwei

If any of the elements are missing the transaction will fail. As with a metamask transaction your tokens will be distributed once the sale has concluded.

Shag - Crowdsale

Time is up, sorry!

{{balance}} ETH

Raised: {{contract_data.balance_usd}}


Crowd Sale

1 ETH = 6,000 SHAG

Only 60,000,000 Shag Tokens available

(up to $5 million USD)ICO Sale

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