What is Shag Coin

Shag Coin is a revolutionary payment system which offers instant, secure and private transactions for the Adult Escort industry. Brothels and sex workers through out the world both legal and illegal struggle with secure payment systems.  Banks and credits cards lack the privacy many clients require.  Cash offers little security.  In steps Shag.  Shag comprises of two components. A private blockchain and token and smart phone app, Shag Pay.

The Shag blockchain is created with a high level of privacy in mind. Shag is untraceable, Address are encrypted, transacted amounts are obfuscated. Shag is Decentralised.

Shag - Crowdsale

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Crowd Sale

1 ETH = 6,000 SHAG

Only 60,000,000 Shag Tokens available

(up to $5 million USD)ICO Sale

01 / FAST
June 10 2018

Shag Pay transfers tokens within seconds. Receive payment in your Shag Wallet almost instantly.  No more waiting for banks.  

03 / EASY

Shag Tokens can be traded in app with local currency or other cryptocurrencies.  Transactions can be as simple as touching two NFC smartphones together.  The app takes care of the rest.

02 / Private

Shag Token is completely anonymous.  Coins are mixed through multiple nodes to prevent tracking.  No more embarrassing credit card statements, no more dealing with cash.

04 / Decantralized

Shag Coin follows vision of the original bitcoin whitepaper; a decentralized, trust less cryptocurrency. Transaction are confirmed by distributed consensus, powered by master nodes.

Shag Pay

Shag pay is a smart phone application being developed for both Android and IOS.  It takes advantage of modern smart phones NFC chips to enable simple contactless transactions. Shag Coins can be purchased directly within the app or from a number of cryptocurrency exchanges and transferred to your wallet. 

Purchases can be made with a number local currencies (FIAT) or other leading cryptocurrencies.  In the event the phone does not support NFC a barcode can be scanned to facilitate the transaction.

The app can be configured as a full point of sale system, multiple selections can easily be  added to the point of sale screen, customising the application for your requirements.

Once payment has been requested, the customer opens the app on their device and either taps to pay or scans the qr code.  Payment will be received almost instantly.


Shag Market

The Shag Market  will be part directory, listing all individuals and business worldwide accepting Shag Pay and Shag Coin and part bazaar where you will find all variety of goods and services available for purchase online with Shag Pay.

Shag Nodes

The Shag coin block chain will be powered by proof of stake master nodes know as Shag Nodes.   Shag Nodes will facilitate the anonymous peer to peer transactions and in return will be awarded 80% of the transaction fees.

Shag Your Customer

Shag Your Customer is our version of KYC.  Consumers of escort services paying with ShagPay will be rewarded with Shag Coin for confirming the escort is the same person in their photo’s.  This process will form a part of the transaction so as to not be influenced by any other metrics.

Token Structure

Distributed to Community
Reserved Funding
Founders and Team


July 30 2018
ICO Complete
November 2018
Shag Coin Test net launched
January 2019
Shag Coin Mainnet Launched
March 2019
Shag Your Customer Launch
September 2018
Shag Wallet Public Release
January 2019
Shagpay released on Mainnet
February 2019
Shag Market Launch

Budget Allocation

  • 27% Product Development
  • 39% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships
  • 12% Operations
  • 6% Legal
  • 16% Management
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